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I have been out of practice and out of “motivation” for a long time. Motivation is such an easy excuse for doing or not doing something. I think on the negative end it’s bull. Be honest with yourself. Why did you not exercise? “I wasn’t feeling motivated today” No, you were feeling lazy (I raise my hand to this one). The thing of it is – I think we are afraid of people judging us. Disappointment. Ugh. That word just makes me cringe. A statement of reason has less of a pathetic undertone if you use the word motivated (albeit only slightly less).

For me the two big areas I seem to be slacking in these days are exercise and photography. I have been thinking about the photography slack for weeks now and each day brings a new realization. Not quite lightbulb, world changing moments but for my small piece of the world it helps. Who says you have to make a big production of packing up your gear, getting in your car, and driving somewhere? Photographs are what you make of them. Whether it be an awe inspiring sunset or the light filtering through your bedroom window. Just pick up the camera already. What about the thousands of pictures you have already taken? I am teaching myself new editing/post-processing techniques inspired by photographs I have seen elsewhere. There are pictures on my hard drive that I would have ignored in the past but now I play. Play Play Play.

Next time find yourself lacking motivation just ask yourself what would motivate you? As my sister would say “Quitcherbitchin”

On another only slightly related note. My pictures. Some of them are candid some are an artistic interpretation of what I saw. I post what I like but would like to hope that other people see something in my photographs. Something that makes them smile or think or wonder or remember. That is my goal. That or KC was being silly.

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